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Make Your Drive Economical With A Toyota Prius

For some people, a long commute to work steals more than time from their day, it also takes a good chunk of their paycheck in fuel costs. Drivers of large sport utility vehicles typically cringe when pulling up to the gas pump, but those who drive a Toyota Prius usually smile the entire time. This eco-friendly car, available at Ventura Toyota, runs on both gas and electric. Fill ups are few and far between, compared to a large SUV, and usually a $20 bill will get you a full tank or close to it. With fuel prices where they are, that's definitely something to smile about. Ask most that drive Toyota Hybrid Vehicles and they'll tell you they save time and money at the gas pump and the knowledge that they are eco-friendly helps to take some of the guilt out of driving around town.

There is no doubt that most people choose to drive Toyota Hybrid Vehicles to save money at the pump. These fuel efficient cars usually average around 40+ miles to the gallon, and even more when you master some of the driving techniques Prius aficionados commonly use. The convenient touch screen on the dash constantly calculates your fuel efficiency, making you aware of your driving tactics and further encourages you to drive in a fuel efficient way. If you try gliding when going downhill and coasting when possible, it will help to raise your miles per gallon to a whole new level. Many times there are not enough hours in the day to do all that you need to do. With a Oxnard Toyota shoppers you can scratch frequent stops to the gas station off the list, saving you valuable time on your rushed morning commute. The Prius averages 400-500 miles per fill up, allowing most drivers to get at least a week or more between fill ups at the gas station.

When jumping in the car for a quick run to the store, many feel a pang of guilt running back out wasting fuel and adding more pollutants to the air. Prius drivers can skip the guilt and enjoy the ride. The fuel use is minimal and the car emits low levels of pollutants. In fact, emissions are reduced 90% and carbon dioxide pollutants have been cut in half, making it one of the "greenest cars" on the road.

Prius drivers love their cars. Most wouldn't go back to a standard car again, if given the option. With inexpensive and infrequent fill ups and low emission output, what is there not to love?